BookFare - The Occasional Newletter of ANZAAB. Volume 9, Number 2, November 2003.

The Occasional Newsletter of the Australian & New Zealand Association
of Antiquarian Booksellers Limited Volume 9, Number 2, November 2003

14-16TH NOVEMBER 2003 at The Masonic Centre
279 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Friday 14th 4pm-9pm
Saturday 15th 11am-6pm
Sunday 16th 11am-5pm
Twenty-five leading book dealers from Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands will be offering books, manuscripts, maps, prints, photographs and ephemera worth from $10 to $100,000 at the 28th annual ANZAAB book fair. The exhibits cover a wide range of subjects from Australiana to Art, Cooking to Architecture, Sport (including Cricket and Rugby) to Detective Fiction, and Bushranging to Pacific Travel. The Fair will cater to enthusiasts as well as to the serious collector, and will offer the opportunity to browse at leisure in many different bookshops at one location.
Here is a sample of what will be on offer this year.
ANTIQUE BOOKSHOP & CURIOS ( will bring a collection of Aviation books, a collection of Edwardian children's books with decorated covers, some scarce Pacific Voyages and Travels, collection of books on rugs, carpets and textiles and a miscellany of interesting and scarce items in a variety of collecting areas.
ANTIQUE PRINT ROOM ( Louis Kissajukian will be exhibiting two rare panoramic photographs of Sydney by Melvin Vaniman. Vaniman scaled buildings, hung from tall poles and floated in gas balloons to capture his early 19th century black and white panoramas of Australia. Born in Illinois, Vaniman led an eccentric life as an adventurer, opera singer, music teacher, balloonist, pioneer aeronaut and acrobatic photographer. Between 1903-4, The Oceanic Steamship Company commissioned him to take publicity shots of Australia and New Zealand for tourism. Vaniman's photographs were taken high above ground from buildings or ship's masts and if these were not at hand he erected his own 30 metre pole to achieve the bird's eye view. When his pole didn't give him the necessary height to photograph the entire city of Sydney he imported a balloon from America and spent months, 180 metres floating above North Sydney experimenting with new perspectives. Vaniman built his own camera which was able to record panoramic views on film up to two metres in length and half a metre wide in a single shot to utilise these higher viewpoints. As a pioneer aeronaut, in 1911-12 Vaniman made two attempts to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an airship on the second attempt, he was tragically killed in an explosion.
ANTIQUARIAT FINE BOOKS ( from Bowral will be exhibiting a wide ranging selection of carefully selected material from stock. Titles from their specialist areas will also be on show. Among their Scottish selection will be the fine 1878 limited edition facsimile of the Sir David Lyndsay's 16th century work on heraldry. Along similar lines is Ashmole's magnificent 1672 publication complete with 31 fine plates, on The Institution, Laws & Ceremonies of the most Noble Order of the Garter. There will also be a selection of Theology and Church History titles, including an eight volume Vulgate Bible in a handsome contemporary leather binding published in Cologne in 1666. For the military historian the invaluable source material found in the Rifle Brigade Chronicle will be available, rare in a complete run from 1890 to 1977. Also available at the Antiquariat Fine Books stand will be a selection of old prints and postcards.
ANTIQUARIAAT FORUM BV BOOKS ( will display a selection of rare and beautiful European books including Horatius Goos's sea atlas (1668), and the first and only edition of "The Praise of Navigation", with an etching by Rembrandt, one of his very few book illustrations. The book describes all voyages from Noah's time to 1632 including the voyages of Columbus.
MESSRS BERKELOUW ( will be exhibiting a fine selection of Australian Literature, English Literature, Exploration, Travel, Art and original manuscripts. Included are exquisite bindings by Douglas Cockerell, who was apprenticed to T.J. Cobden-Sanderson at the newly founded Doves Bindery where he came under the spell of a whole group of fine craftsmen among whom William Morris was the centre of the constellation. By 1897 Douglas was appointed head bookbinding teacher at the London County Council Central School of Arts and Crafts and in the following year he established a small bindery at 6 Denmark Street, Soho. There two of his students from the Central School, George Sutcliffe and Francis Sangorski came to work for him, and four years later they founded their own world-famous bindery.
Also Messrs. Berkelouw will have Edward DONOVAN's complete three volume trilogy known as a General Epitome of the Insects of Asia. This comprises Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of New Holland, Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of China, and Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of India. Published between 1798-1805, the set offered is uniformly bound in contemporary full calf with gilt & blind-stamped borders, and is illustrated with 149 full-page beautifully coloured aquatint plates of butterflies, moths, beetles, and the like. It is the first systematic and illustrated survey of Australian insects and was based on his own collection of specimens, which was founded on collections put together by Capt. James Cook's astronomer, Bayly and the naturalist Dru Drury. He also had access to specimens belonging to Sir Joseph Banks to whom the New Holland volume is dedicated. Also for sale are rare works by Henry Lawson, John Lewin, Norman Lindsay, John Shaw Neilson, and an original archive of manuscript papers from the surveyor-general and explorer John Oxley.
BIBLIOPHILE ( Susan Tompkins will be exhibiting an exquisite edition of Japanese Colour Prints (P.Neville Barnett 1936), and a rare book on the Australian artist Margaret Preston featuring an original woodcut. As well she will be bringing fine items from her areas of special interest - Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands, along with antique maps.
CORNSTALK BOOKSHOP ( has two shops in the inner suburbs of Sydney: 112 Glebe Pt Rd Glebe 9660 4889. Open Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and 270 King St Newtown 9550 3566. Open 7 days 10 till midnight. Our Glebe shop specializes in Australian books, especially books on the Aboriginal People. We are also very strong in Australian Crime Fiction, Australian Military and Aviation, Australian History and Literature. Our Newtown shop is a large general secondhand bookshop covering many areas of interest but is mostly humanities based.
DAVID SPODE (phone 02 9332 2583) stocks books dealing with Architecture and the Arts, Travel and Exploration, Science and Technology, the Humanities, and Medicine, but more particularly old or unusual books that for one reason or another seem to him to have kept their interest or peculiarity. Among the more unusual books he is bringing to the fair are old architecture and design books, including a large folio special edition of competition designs for an exhibition centre in Paris in 1935, the scarce second volume of Pozzo's book on perspective, 1700, and some 19th-century chromolithograph portfolios, a few 19th-century children's movable books, interesting travel and exploration including Baines's 'Explorations in South-West Africa', Lake's 'Defence of Kars', and 'Diary of the Late Rajah of Kohlapur during his visit to Europe in 1870'.The unfortunate Rajah died in Florence and was cremated on the banks of the Arno.
ANAH DUNSHEATH ( from Auckland, specialises in New Zealand, Pacific Exploration, Books and photographs. This year Anah Dunsheath will be bringing a collection of Rugby memorabilia, postcards, and illustrations, all celebrating the rich sporting traditions of the game. Titles include Modern Rugby Football New Zealand Methods by Baskerville printed in 1907, The Art of Rugby Football by T.R.Ellison printed in 1902, Rugby Football Past and Present and the Tour of the Native Team. New Zealand versus England Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland in 1888-89, compiled by Eyton, published in 1896, and New Zealand Rugby football Some hints and criticisms by Hunter (1929).
BARBARA FISHER'S OLD & OUT OF PRINT BOOKS ( Barbara Fisher specialises in Gastronomy and Social History, and is showing many books related to the historic background of food and its preparation. One of her oldest cookery books is a 1775 edition of Elizabeth Moxon's English Housewifery. Then there is William Kitchiner's The Cook's Oracle, published in 1827, and a 1964 reprint of an 1888 publication of the Early English Text Society, of two medieval cookery manuscripts of the 15th century. One of the best of the early Australian cookery books was by Hannah Maclurcan, and Barbara is showing the scarce 2nd edition of 1898. This appeared later in the same year of the 1st edition. Mrs Maclurcan was one of the first Australian cookery writers to make effective use of truly local ingredients. At the age of 17 she was managing her father's hotel in Townsville, but her real fame rests on her distinction as owner and grande-dame of the original Wentworth Hotel in Sydney.
But added to these rarities are such sought-after works as: One Contiuous Picnic, by Michael Symons; Quayle's Old Cook Books; the famous Lambeth Method of Cake Decoration and Practical Pastries; books by Jane Grigson and Pellegrino Artusi and many fascinating facsimiles of early cookery books.
Social History is a great field for those interested in social change, whether it is in the running of a grand 18th century country house or the simple facts of life for a colonial housewife. Barbara has books on these topics as well as those dealing with etiquette, ornament, needlework and a host of other matters relating to every-day life.
FISHER'S OLD, FINE AND RARE ( As the new proprietor of Fisher's Old, Fine & Rare Books, Jannene Smith will be showing a wide representation from her stock of Architecture and Related Arts books, which has been Fisher's Books specialty for almost twenty years .The selection ranges in date and style from Serlio's treatise on architecture, 'Tutte L'Opere D'Architettura Di Sebastiano Serlio Bolognese', a rare and valuable volume in the literature of architecture published in 1584 to the twentieth century 'Modern Flats', written by distinguished pioneers of modern architecture, Yorke & Gibberd. As ever, the collection will also include many iconic, as well as less well-known, Australian Architecture books.
GASTON RENARD (03 9459 5040) will exhibit his first and second publications under the banner edition Renard. The first is a fine new edition of John White, Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, winner of two gold medals. The second, advanced copies of Aboriginal Life in Old Australia.
GRANTS BOOKSHOP ( Grant's Bookshop specializes in Literature, both adult and juvenile, and our bookfair showing this year reflects this. Almost all our bookfair stock will be as fresh and unusual as we can make it and will not be available on our internet sites until after the Bookfair.
Amongst our Modern Literature are important works by Samuel Beckett, Robert Graves, Jack Kerouac, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Martin Amis. Detective fiction and the thriller genre are represented by Agathie Christie, Raymond Chandler, Stephen King, Patrick O'Brian and Colin Dexter (an excellent copy of the rare Last Bus to Woodstock, the first Inspector Morse book).
There are signed or inscribed copies of works by William Boyd, John Betjeman, Somerset Maugham, Robert Graves, as well as some literary manuscripts.
We will be offering an almost complete run of works by New Zealander, Janet Frame, who came close to winning this year's Nobel Prize for literature.
Children's books will be represented by a good offering of classic illustrators, such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac as well as first editions by J.R.R. Tolkein, W.E. Johns and Elsie Oxenham.
The Australian section will be headed by Norman Lindsay, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite and Ethel Turner, with an unusual group of 1940's ephemeral Australian paintings, mostly in exceptional condition, including some striking pieces by Peg Maltby and a selection of the scarce wartime Australian Walt Disney productions, including a dustwrappered copy of Roald Dahl's first book, Gremlins.
We also have a very good collection of girls and boys Australian adventure stories from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Other areas of our stock will include some interesting 19th century travel and plate books and some antiquarian items including incunabula.
HAYMES & SONS PTY LTD ( will exhibit a selection of works by David Malouf, all inscribed and signed, as well Australian children's books, including Annie Rentoul's The Lady of the Blue Beads, [1908], first edition, and Ida Rentoul Outhwaite's Bunny and Brownie; The Adventures of George and Wiggle (1930), C. J. Dennis's A Book For Kids (1921) and an extensive selection of Maritime and Naval History, including William Laird CLOWES's The Royal Navy: A history from earliest times to the present (1897-1903), in seven volumes.
KENNETH HINCE OLD AND FINE BOOKS ( Barbara Hince is showing a range of books which will be quite diverse ... Sport, Games (Philidor's 1810 book on chess), Australian Poetry and Literature, Bloomsbury (including first editions of many of Virginia Woolf's works), Modern Literature such as the first edition of the famous "Fahrenheit 451", Architecture, Australian Art, mint copies of 1920s Travel books on Africa, Asia and South America. This is a family business which has been running for over 40 years.

HORDERN HOUSE ( Hordern House's exhibition at the Sydney Book Fair will include a collection of twelve original manuscripts from the earliest period of Australian Discovery and Settlement. Each document is of individual significance. Most of the early figures in our history are represented in this collection including James Cook, Joseph Banks, Arthur Phillip and Matthew Flinders. Also a recently discovered miniature portrait on ivory of one of Australia's founding mothers, Mary Bligh the daughter of William Bligh. Mary accompanied her father to Australia in 1806 where he took up the position of Governor. In an act of considerable courage Mary is remembered for defending her father in the military rebellion of 1808.
This Fair will see the highlights of Hordern House's major catalogue of Pacific Voyages for 2003. Their stand will also include rare illustrated books, maps and Natural History books.
LOUELLA KERR OLD FINE AND RARE BOOKS ( From the first (Colonial) edition of Keneth Grahame's Wind in the Willows (1908) to the first issue of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), Louella Kerr will bring to the Fair a fine offering of collectable children's books. She has a run of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, including her second book, Mollie's Staircase, and The Little Green Road to Fairyland and A Bunch of Wildflowers in rare dust jackets.
Her collection of literature includes Patrick White's first published book The Ploughman and Other Poems, the first (controversial) biography of John Keats, and a very fine 12 volume set of the works of Henry Fielding, elegantly bound by Riviere & Sons.
Louella has some rare travel and early Australiana, including Watkin Tench’s Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay (1789, third edition), and the second edition (1804), with the handsome hand coloured natural history plates, of David Collins' An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales.
The highlight of the fine books on offer at her stand, is, however, a complete collection of the works of Alec Bolton's Brindabella Press. This is believed to be the first time such a collection has been offered. It includes books, linocuts, broadsides, Christmas cards and other ephemera.

NICHOLAS POUNDER BOOKSELLER ( will bring a diary from the Crimean War, kept by one Major Paget Walter Lestrange, of the Royal Artillery; a rare (unrecorded) broadside published in Sydney on May Day of 1927 in response to the sentencing of Sacco & Vanzetti; an un-published and un-produced film script by Patrick White; a mint specimen, in original slipcase, of an album privately published by the Australian composer Percy Grainger in 1923, to preserve the memory of his mother; a program for the opening of the first headquarters of the Australian Communist Party signed by all major dignitaries, literary and political; a book of poetry by Jennifer Rankin, illustrated by John Olsen, with a presentation inscription by her artist husband, David Rankin, presenting the book to Sir Russell Drysdale. With an original pen drawing by Olsen on the front free endpaper; an inscribed photograph of the eminent physicist, Lise Mietner (Mietner published the first scientific paper on nuclear fission); an inscribed pamphlet by the great Bauhaus architect Arieh Sharon to the Australian architect Sam Lipson; Letters from J.G Ballard, Lindsay Anderson, George Finey, Micheal Mac Liammoir; and finely bound monographs on Donald Friend and Jeffrey Smart.
TIM McCORMICK (02 9363 5383) will be exhibiting a collection of Travel books charting the European voyages of exploration and discovery on the Australian coast including works by Dampier, Cook, Flinders and King. Colonial art works including an aboriginal portrait painted in 1820 by convict artist Richard Browne will also feature.

RICHARD NEYLON ( well known for always having the unusual, will exhibit a selection of works that relate to Sydney history and culture from the 19th and early 20th century.
ROBERT MUIR OLD & RARE BOOKS ( is a family concern, now successfully celebrating its THIRTIETH year in the Trade.

The firm has a good record of attending Australian bookfairs, having exhibited at all bar one, since they were gathered under the ANZAAB banner, and having missed none since The Second Australian Antiquarian Booksellers Fair. Robert Muir Old & Rare Books is situated alongside The University of Western Australia, in the leafy suburb of Nedlands, Western Australia. It occupies the full ground-floor of a two story building, on the corner of Broadway and Edward Street. Stock includes all types of books, manuscripts, historic paintings, and maps, in all about 100,000 items, and services clients on an international scale by listing abroad, and through direct email. Search Service and Catalogues are available.

Having recently bought a very large collection of NSW, Victorian, Queensland, Tasmanian, South Australian, and Western Australian items, the business will present the first lot collated, at this Fair. The subjects are Mining, History, Early Local Histories, First Editions, Early Nnovels, Crime Fiction, Natural History and Exploration, and the books have been in the same family since the 1880's. Most have the signature, some with notes, of a renowned Western Australian Author to the ffep. These would form one of the finest collections Robert Muir has seen for years. Authors represented include, Amundsen, Balfour, Broinowski, Carroll, Field, Greene, Howitt, King, Lang, Melville, MacDonald, Meredith, Moore, Rowe, Steinbeck, Sherer, Staunton, Stoney, Thomas, Upfield, Willet, and Whitmarsh.
SAINSBURY'S BOOKS PTY LTD ( has two bookshops in Melbourne specializing in Art, Photography, Modern Literature, Cultural Studies, Film and Philosophy. Eight written catalogues are issued each year in these subjects, and catalogues are also available on the web page. John Sainsbury visits the USA twice a year on buying trips. Items at the Fair will cover current artists, photographers and writers, and as well there will be books from Ursula Hoff's library.
SOMERSET HOUSE BOOKS ( is bringing books on Art (including Lindsay family material); Antique Reference, Railway and Air Interest; Christmas related books and ephemera; a wide range of Children's Literature, both novels, and illustrated and annuals (including Chums and Rupert); small and miniature books (modern and older editions); and ephemera in all subject areas including postcards.
MICHAEL TRELOAR ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLERS ( Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers was established in Adelaide in March 1976 and is a longstanding member of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB) and the Australian Antique Dealers Association (AADA). Areas of specialisation include cricket ephemera, North Australiana, material relating to the Australian Aborigines, photographs (especially photographically illustrated books) and autograph and manuscript material.
Voyages and exploration include DAMPIER: A New Voyage around the World (three volumes: 1703, 1699 and 1729); BOUGAINVILLE: Voyage autour du Monde (1772, enlarged second edition); PERON and FREYCINET: Voyage de decouvertes aux Terres Australes (three volumes including the atlas, 1807-1816) and STEIN: On Ancient Central-Asian Tracks (1933).
Illustrated books include GOULD: Synopsis of the Birds of Australia (1837-38); LEWIN: A Natural History of the Birds of New South Wales (1838); ELWES: A Sketcher's Tour round the World (1854); WRIGHT: Illustrated Book of Poultry (1880); Catalogue of the Collection of Birds' Eggs in the British Museum (1901-12) and MATHEWS: Birds of Australia (1910-28). Rare photographically illustrated books include THOMSON: Street Incidents (1881) and 1880s annual reports of the South Australian Acclimatization Society.
TIME BOOKSELLERS ( is a long-established Melbourne suburban bookseller with two book galleries open for inspection by appointment, together with their web page which lists over 20,000 titles on a wide variety of subjects. For this year's fair they are bringing a selection of fine books in the areas of Maritime History, Australian Exploration, Aboriginal History, Polar Books, Mountaineering and Military History.
For a full list of ANZAAB members and their areas of specialization please visit the official ANZAAB website at .