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ANZAAB is pleased to advise that  its Annual Melbourne Rare Book Fair 2019 will be held from Friday 12 July (opening at 6pm) to Sunday 14 July   2019 at Wilson Hall, The University of Melbourne.





The Eighth Melbourne Rare Book Week will take place from 5 July 2019 to 14 July 2019.



Sally Burdon of Asia Bookroom elected ILAB President

It is with great pride that ANZAAB announces that member Sally Burdon of Asia Bookroom, in Canberra, was elected unopposed to the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers' (ILAB) Presidency at its National Presidents' Meeting in Pasadena, California on 4 February 2018.  She will hold the chair until September 2020.

It is of interest that since the inception of ILAB in 1947 there have only been two female Presidents.  The first was Kay Craddock (Kay Craddock - Antiquarian Bookseller) from Melbourne who held the ILAB chair from 2001 to 2003, and now Sally Burdon.

The ANZAB Board and membership wish Sally a successful and productive Presidency.  


Melbourne Rare Book Week 2018  -  Admission to all events is free

ANZAAB and Rare Books Melbourne are pleased to announce that Melbourne Rare Book Week 2018 will run from 29 June to 8 July 2018.   A full and detailed Program will be announced in March/April 2018.  The MRBW will end with the Melbourne Rare Book Fair at Wilson Hall, 6 to 9 July.



Melbourne Rare Book Fair 2018 

The 46th ANZAAB Australian Antiquarian Book Fair 2018 will be held at Wilson Hall, The University of Melbourne from Friday 6 July (opening at 6pm) to Sunday 8 July 2018 and is presented by the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers. 





Melbourne Rare Book Week and Melbourne Rare Book Fair 2017 Even More Successful than Ever!

Melbourne Rare Book Week with Melbourne Rare Book Fair are now over for another year.  Melbourne Rare Book Week commenced in 2012 as a partnership between ANZAAB, the University of Melbourne and eight other literary institutions. Melbourne Rare Book Week is a major attraction for book collectors, librarians and all who have a love of words, print on paper and literary heritage. Every year this wonderful period of free talks, exhibitions and Melbourne's Rare Book Fair just gets bigger and better!  Join our mailing list to make sure you hear about the plans for Melbourne Rare Book Week and Melbourne Rare Book Fair in 2018.   A short video of a past Melbourne Rare Book Fair can be viewed here.

Are You New to Antiquarian Bookselling? Have you recently become a bookseller?

Would it help if you could get regular advice from an experienced ILAB antiquarian bookseller in your field?

The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers has launched a free Mentoring Programme to help young or recently established booksellers throughout the world. The aim of the programme is to offer support and advice when it is most needed in the early days of a bookseller’s career. Experienced ILAB specialists are offering their time as unpaid mentors on all aspects of antiquarian bookselling: buying and selling, whether from bricks-and-mortar or on the internet, cataloguing, day-to-day operations, and book fairs. Whether you are looking for specialized advice from a dealer on the other side of the world, or face-to-face discussions with one closer to home, the ILAB Mentoring Programme may be for you. A link to the current list of mentors and their specialities can be found in the Education section on the ILAB website: For more information and an application email ILAB

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What is ANZAAB?

The Australian & New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB), which was formed in 1977, has 56 full members today, who, together with the other categories of ANZAAB membership, associate, retired, life and honorary make up a total membership of 79.

ANZAAB is the professional body which represents the members of the antiquarian book business in Australia and New Zealand. It aims to promote antiquarian bookselling and collecting; it makes statements on matters affecting these topics on behalf of its members. 

The ANZAAB Code of Ethics may be seen by clicking on the preceding link.

Click on ANZAAB Office Bearers to see the current ANZAAB Office Bearers. A list of Life Members and Retired Members can also be seen on this page. 

The association organises a regular series of antiquarian book fairs in major cities. 

Like many national associations, ANZAAB is affiliated with the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. Like other national associations it sets out standards of commercial behaviour to which its members voluntarily adhere. It encourages the observance of the courtesies and honourable practices traditionally associated with the trade. In particular, ANZAAB seeks to encourage its members to achieve high standards of accuracy in descriptions of materials offered for sale. 


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