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BSANZ 2018 Conference

Wed 22 Aug 2018

The 2018 conference of The Bibliographical Society of Australia & New Zealand (BSANZ) "Marginalia: Bibliography at the Margins" will be held at the University of Queensland 28-30th November

The conference seeks to explore the condition of being bibliographically “in, on, or at the margins” ranging from examples of significantly annotated copies of books to the relationship of bibliography to cognate disciplines such as history, literature, biography, and critical theory. The conference will also address issues in interpreting, editing, recording and preserving marginalia.

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More details about Antique Bookshop and Curios

Antique Bookshop and Curios

The Antique Bookshop has a large stock of interesting books in many areas of collecting interest.

Click on the link Catalogue 358 to view on-line or download our most recent catalogue.
This catalogue features books from library of the Late Professor R Ian Jack.

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