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ANZAAB welcomes applications for membership from any booksellers who have, for a certain period of time (usually five years), been engaged full-time in the buying and selling of old or second-hand books of some worth or consequence, who maintain honourable trading practices, and who are recognised for their expertise and good name. These requirements must surely be the basic aspirations of all who wish to be thought of as good booksellers.

Membership of ANZAAB is open to any bookseller who satisfies these basic requirements. The current ANZAAB membership includes a wide range of booksellers, in terms of interests, specialities, and the value and size of their offerings.

An application must be supported by four ANZAAB members of at least two years standing. It should also include evidence of an acceptable level of stock quality, cataloguing standards and pricing ability, and an understanding of the fundamentals of antiquarian bookselling.

Membership of ANZAAB also carries with it an expectation of involvement in the activities of the Association.

In particular, members are encouraged to exhibit at the annual ANZAAB book fairs and to attend the Annual General Meetings.

For further information please contact the Membership Secretary