Professional Standards


ANZAAB promotes the acquisition, enjoyment, and study of books, fosters cordial and trusting relations between members of public and trade alike, and upholds the highest ethical and professional standards of rare bookselling.

Our members are accepted on the basis of their knowledge, experience and integrity. They adhere to the ANZAAB Code of Ethics pursuant to which they guarantee:

  • the authenticity of all material offered for sale
  • the accurate and professional identification and description of all such material
  • the disclosure of all significant restoration and repair
  • the clear, informed and professional pricing of all material

As affiliate members of ILAB, our members also adhere to ILAB's Code of Usages and Customs, whether via their own business or when exhibiting at ILAB affiliated fairs.

ANZAAB also recognises that its members in the ordinary course of business may handle culturally sensitive material. As part of the ANZAAB Code of Ethics, members undertake to handle such materials in a culturally sensitive manner in accordance with ANZAAB's Statement on Culturally Sensitive Materials.

Committed to the principles of equality and diversity, ANZAAB strives to promote these principles wheresoever its members trade. The Association is committed to a discrimination free environment for its members regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.

In this regard our members also adhere to the ANZAAB Code of Conduct.

In the event of any complaint about a member's conduct, in the first instance please contact the ANZAAB Secretary in writing. All complaints are treated in the strictest confidence.